All Forms & Reports

If you don't find the form or report you are looking for, please give us a call or stop by the office. We will happily provide you with the information you need.

For the cost of ACWSC supply, please refer to the Schedule of Rates section.

To apply for a new supply service and membership or transfer of existing supply at the same address, please download the Service Agrreement by email to or by mail. ACWSC staff will be glad to answer any questions or provide any clarification required by call or email.

If an existing service and membership is being transferred into your name from previous occupants, please download the Service Agreeement form, complete and submit to ACWSC by email or mail. When authorized, ACWSC will issue a Membership Transfer Authorization, usually at the same time the application is accepted, if information iscomplete.

If the service is new, you would submit the Service Agreement form either as a residence under a Standard Service Agreement or as a developer for water supply to multiple residences, sub-division, under a Non-Standard Agreement.

The area serviced by ACWSC is defined in the Customer Service Section, please check to verify that the service is within the ACWSC area of supply. ACWSC cannot provide service outside of these boundaries. Call or email us if clarification is needed.

If the service address has yet to be defined, please provide the 9-1-1 address on file with the Austin County office (not Austin County Water).