Service Providers

Austin County Water Supply Corporation (ACWSC) is managed and governed by a Board of Directors, and a small team of employees administer daily operations. Through service agreements, ACWSC secures ongoing and long-term professional services related to various regulations.

Legal: Ferguson and Associates: finance agreements and general contracts.

Finance: FmH/USDA original loans/grants. CoBank replacement of high interest loans and ongoing finance support of improvement projects and operations.

PFIA: Reserve funds managed by an investment manager– Wehring Wealth Management, Bellville, TX

Operations and Maintenance: Provided in house by Class C and D licensed Operators as required by TCEQ

Water well, drilling, completion, workover: J&S Drilling: water production wells, operations and new well services from facilities in Bellville, TX.

Engineering and Design:

  • J Fontaine and Associates: Design and construction of ACWSC assets since inception. PE support TCEQ compliance projects including computer modelling of system hydraulics and maintenance of certified design plans, GIS mapping and GPS systems.
  • Harkness Engineering: PE support – improvements, contracts oversight and operations. Interface with TCEQ on permits and compliance.

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