Founded in 1988, ACWSC was financed with FmH, USDA funds to drill a water production well and construction of chlorination treatment plant, standpipe storage and distribution facilities for the Kenney Area serving 200 connections.

Development of production, storage and treatment facilities and expansion of the distribution system have continued since 1988. The four water distribution systems today extend to 156 miles in Austin County with capacity to accommodate ongoing growth to approximately 1500 connections, with 1000 metered connections currently.

 Development and expansion since 1988:

1991 Buckhorn-Racoon Bend Supplemental Area developed.

1995 Coshatte-Burleigh, Cat Spring Areas and Milheim Booster station developed.

2000 Second water well drilled at Kenney, iron removal filters at Buckhorn and Coshatte.

2008 Major expansion of the distribution system from the Kenney area.

2015 Replacement well drilled at the Buckhorn facilities 

2017 New well drilled at the Cat Spring facilities.

2019 Financial facilities secured from CoBank enabled ACWSC to retire and replace original higher interest debt and implementation of the Improvement Program, currently in progress, to upgrade, repair and replace assets for continued, long-term operation.

2020 Replacement well at the Coshatte – Burleigh facility placed in operation.

2020/2021 Improvements program to extend useful life continues with standpipes renovation, storage increase, filter systems upgrade, water well overhauls, improved operations monitoring, and water loss mitigation.