Customer Service Inspection (CSI)

Customer Service Inspections (CSI) are conducted to ensure a safe water supply in compliance with the TCEQ Rules and Regulations that ACWSC operate under. 

We are required to inspect premises that prepare or serve food for public consumption, restaurants and other business, properties that have facilities for agricultural use, livestock, crop watering, sprinkler systems and customers connected to both a private water well(s) and the ACWSC water supply.

The CSI determines material used, particularly lead and copper content, that plumbing is designed and installed to code, and prevention of contaminates getting into the ACWSC public water supply by backflow prevention on sprinkler systems, cross connections to private wells, and breakers on hose bibs.

The TCEQ guidelines are intended for guidance of the public water supplier, customers and the general public.

ACWSC conducts an ongoing program of inspections focused on installations with private wells and establishments that serve the public. ACWSC engage licensed inspectors to conduct the inspections and issuance of the certificate required by the TCEQ regulations. Please note that inspections are on file with TCEQ for ten years.  

Members can also contact us and request an inspection. The health and safety of our members and the public is our first priority, and we greatly appreciate the cooperation of our members helping ACWSC operate in compliance with regulations.

Take a look at this link, Backflow incidents that could have been prevented.pdf (, to see why having a cross connection program in place is needed.